The Ultimate GoRuck GR1 Bag Dump (Image Heavy!)


As promised in our GoRuck GR1 review, here is a detailed breakdown of what is in my bag and how I set it up.

Why I carry an EDC bag

I use my GoRuck GR1 as an EDC bag that goes to and from work with me every day. It comes into the building with me and leaves when I do. I work about 45 minutes from home so I have to have a little bit of everything available in my bag. Throughout the day I may have to go on service calls to fix issues with customers or I may just be in the office working on the laptop. I could be in the warehouse helping unload a container or stuck outside in a snowstorm. I have set my bag up to be able to help me out in any situation. While I could specialize the bag toward more specific tasks, I would run the risk of not having what I need if my day takes a detour. This setup has proven successful so far but it is constantly changing with my day to day schedule.

What’s in the bag?

The first item is the caribiner on the outside. I have found this a good thing to have in case I need to hook the bag onto something to keep it off of the ground.

Now let’s look in the front zipper pouch. I didn’t picture this because it is my daily dump pouch. Anything small and stupid goes in there. Usually a phone charger. Anything that I take in and out with some sort of frequency. This is basically an extension of my pants pockets.

Once open, we have the nuts and bolts of it. I’ve numbered each item for easier breakdown:

1,2, and 3 are strapped down with a custom clip (We’ll get into that in a minute)

1: Firm Grip Blizzard 3M Thinsulate Gloves – These things are warm as hell and have the ability to use a touchscreen while wearing the gloves. Great for when you get a phone call outside. Also has a little pocket inside for a handwarmer if you know you are going to be freezing.

2: Beanie – Head gets cold. Put on head to keep it warm.

3: Flashlight – Harbor Freight special. Recieved as a gift. Runs on 3 AAA batteries. The wide lense holds it in nicely on the loop on the strap. Nothing fancy but has been abused and still works.

4: One Tigris Mesh Bottom MOLLE Water bottle Holder – This usually has a water bottle in it. When it doesn’t it doubles as a nice dump pouch. This is attached via MOLLE webbing on the back of the bag.

5: Small tool pouch: I have no idea who makes it but it is a little nylon tool bag that I carry my work tools in. Contents are constantly changing in and out. This is where the bulk of the weight in my bag is. The good thing is that by being in a separate bag, I can remove it any time I know I wont need tools. To be honest this rarely leaves my bag. When I am doing a service call I can take the tool bag in with me and leave the GR1 in the truck.

6: Hardy Mechanic’s Glove in custom elastic pouch: These get dirty so they go in a little pouch. This way I can keep the rest of the gear clean.

7: Laptop Charger

8: Med Kit


Here it is a little more unpacked:

1: Spare drawstring pouch – Useful to have empty pouches. These pack small and take up no space. Useful for when you get a bunch of something (bolts, nails, etc.) and don’t want them floating around in the bag and getting lost.

2: Mechanic’s Gloves out of pouch

3: Laptop charger

4: Kikerman magnetic multitool

5: Random backup pen – If you don’t have a backup then the one in your pocket will inevitably fail.

6: Small hand towel – Good for when doing work. Wiping hands and having a place to put bolts and such. Million uses. Takes up no room in the bag.

7: Med Kit

8: Tool Kit

9: CPR Mask (Hooked on top of med kit) – Go get CRP/First aid certified. It’s seriously easy. Information is the most important EDC.

10: Hand Sanitizer – The world is a dirty place.

11: Flashlight

12: Gloves

13: Beanie

14: Water bottle holder

15: The Cappy – Bottle cover

(Not numbered is a blue car usb charger. That pouch usually has random USB cords. They break faster than I can replace them which is why none are pictured here.)



1: The Cappy – This thing costs like a dollar but it pays for itself the first time you have to use it. It is basically a cover for your soda or energy drinks. It works by sliding over the tab and twisting around to cover the hole. It’s silicone and washes easy. Prevent one fly in your drink and you broke even.

2: Backup Pen – Redundancy!

3: Little keychain flashlight – This is attached to the lanyard on the water bottle holder. This way I can find it easily in the bag. I use this when I am looking in the bag at night. Really handy.

4 Kikerman magnetic multitool – This little thing is super handy. Has mini sized bits that store in the handle. Usually if I am just fixing something small I don’t want to unpack the whole toolkit. Good for a quick little fix.



When we unclip the strap and take off the gloves and beanie, we have ourselves a second layer of storage.  A Rothco MOLLE 2-Pocket Ammo pouch.

All I did to make the strap was cut off the waist strap on an inferior bag of mine that has retired. I tied each side to the Molle webbing and then tightened it down to the right tension to hold my gloves and beanie. What is nice is that when it warms up I can swap out the gloves and such for a small sweatshirt or jacket. This is one of those little additions that makes this setup adjustable for whatever I need to carry.


Inside the ammo pouch I have my personal care products and consumables. Big pouch is for the personal care and the small one holds the consumables.

1: Sugar packets and tea.

2: Salt and pepper packets

3: More tea and a breakfast protein shake mix. Good to have for a quick pick me up.

4: True lime lemonade packet. This get’s it’s own number because these make life livable. A Bottle for water and a bunch of these on a hot day can be a lifesaver. Makes even the most disgusting tap water refreshing. (Not pictured: Emergen-C Packets. Good winter replacement for these. Get your vitamin C to prevent the sniffles)

5: Zeus Beard Brush – Have to brush the beard so you don’t scare people.

6: Grave Before Shave Beard Balm – Keeps the beard shiny and smelling good.

7: Contact Solution – So my eyes work.

8: Travel Size Toothpaste – Good to have in the bag for crazy mornings where time isn’t on your side. Pro-tip – Carefully round off the corners of the bottom of the tube. They come from the factory sharp and can pierce other things in your bag. Scissors and 5 seconds makes quick work of that.

9: Travel toothbrush – See #8

10: Comb- To calm your hair. If you have a beanie in your bag you will need this.


Tucked into the MOLLE webbing on the bottle holder I have my small sewing kit. It is a plastic tube made to hold batteries. In it I have thread, needles, a couple buttons, and a fishing hook. The fishing hook is mainly a little survival insurance that takes up no additional space or weight. I have had to use this kit exactly ONE time. My pants ripped in the crotch and it made my day a lot better being able to fix that.


The med kit is a small MOLLE tactical pouch that I am unsure of the manufacturer. Tons of companies make this exact model. They are pretty cheap but a great size for your personal med kit. Where the sharpie is is usually where I keep a small bottle of super glue. I have used this to close cuts or cracks on fingers. I don’t recommend you do that because it’s probably terrible for you. The front pouch has assorted bandaids. Once people find out that you carry bandaids they will start asking you for them. The cool ones with bring you replacements for the ones they took. This is why I have a bunch of different brands in there. I recommend the fabric ones because they seem to hold the best but any bandaid is better than none. Bleeding people aren’t picky.

There are two zipper compartments in this little pouch. I divide my med kit into INTERNAL and EXTERNAL. Do whatever works for you. It helps me find things easily. For example: The Medicine goes in the internal zipper and the burn creams and such go in the external side.

1: Pepto – Tummy problems are no good when you are out and about.

2: Small Piece of Duck Tape on sticker paper – Having a small piece of tape to hold things down. Good for quick fixes when you need to make something stick to your skin like a bandaid. Desperate times take desperate measures.

3: Gauze – I have yet to have to use this. Best to have a sealed sterile roll.

4: Alcohol wipes – These have a million uses and pack small. Great for sterilization. Iodine wipes would work as well and wouldn’t sting on cuts.

5: Medical Tape – More sticky stuff.

6: Bacitracin – Good for preventing infection.

7: Poison Ivy Towelettes – Wipe your legs down BEFORE heading into the woods and contacting poison ivy.

8: Burn cream – In case you get to close to a flame.

9&10: Small pill containers – Good for vitamins. I keep vitamin C in both during the winter.

11&12: Acetominofen – For headaches and body Aches. Another thing that people will ask you for constantly if they know you have it in your bag. Can make you a super hero to coworkers.


The top pouch is a dump pouch that holds things I need quick access to.

1: Glasses – So I’m not blind.

2: Sandisk 16G Flash Drive – Dump drive for random files.

3: Matches

4: Earbud – My cat ate the other headphone so this is a mono listening experience. Good while working and half listening.

5: Lexar 8G Flash Drive – Loaded with portable apps for when on other computers.

6: Carmex – Chapped lips = No fun.

7: Cotton for ecig.

8: Spare AAA batteries for flashlights.

9: Super string – I have had a giant spool of this thread at home and it is incredibly durable. I keep some with me for when I need to tie things down. Last time I used it to tie down a Christmas tree.

10: Smaller nylon thread – Good for sewing or other small fixes.

11: Girl’s hair bands and clips – For daughter

12: Contact Lense Case


Well that’s about it. I usually have my laptop in the laptop compartment. I also usually have a spare set of socks tucked into the back of the bag. The contents keep evolving and change with the seasons. All in all I love this bag. I have it set up so that it is incredibly easy for me to use.

Have any tips or tricks you’ve found when setting up your EDC bag? Leave it in the comments below!



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      Some sort of synthetic high test string. It’s one of those random spools of string you find in your basement and don’t remember actually buying it. I’ve used it for hundreds of things.