Trayvax Announces New Link and Link Stretch!

New Trayvax Link and Link Stretch Breakaway Lanyards Announced!

Like the idea of a chain wallet but don’t want the jingle jangle? Looks like Trayvax has you covered!

The Trayvax Link-Stretch

Trayvax has been releasing some pictures of their new breakaway lanyards and they look like they follow all of the ingredients for a Trayvax product: Useful, overbuilt, and elegantly designed.

Trayvax, The same people that brought you the SUMMIT, ELEMENT, and the AXIS minimalist wallets!

From the people who brought you the AXIS, ELEMENT, and the SUMMIT, the Link and the Link-Stretch breakaway lanyards are slated to launch this Friday 13th! Sporting a rugged looking positive locking pin style release, the shorter Link looks long enough to hang from a belt look and tuck into your pocket. For those who need quick access to all their keys but don’t want to take their keys on and off the lanyard, the stretch is a longer, stretchable lanyard with the same release mechanism. Pricing looks good too with the Link coming in at $29.99 and the Link-Stretch coming in at $39.99.

Both will be available on on Friday the 13th!

The Link and Link-Stretch are compatible with anything you can throw in your pocket!

The Trayvax Link