Our top metal fidget spinners for under $50 – Vol. 1


We’ve had a couple of questions about what we’d recommend for metal fidget spinners for under $50. Most of the people who asked had some criteria such as they wanted it to be made of metal for durability and they also didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg. So we did some digging. One thing we found was that there are a lot of people making fidget toys in a lot of really interesting ways. This was a difficult research endeavor because there were literally shiny, moving toys to distract us. But we kept our focus and narrowed down our search to this exact criteria:

  • Had to be made of metal.
  • Had to be UNDER $50. We found a lot of cool ones priced at exactly $50 or over. We will feature these in another article (because some of these things are a work of art).
  • We wouldn’t factor in shipping because that could vary depending on where you are.

This list is by no means exhaustive. We knew we would have some new developments after we do some more digging so we will call this one…

Our top metal fidget spinners for under $50 – Vol. 1


Let’s start with some from Amazon.

Our first spinner is from a company called TI-EDC.
Cost:  $38.90

This spinner is a one bearing titanium spinner with a brass button. What we liked about this one was that it was made from titanium and could still come under our price point. We also liked the clean machining and the fact that the buttons could unscrew for cleaning/bearing replacement. This isn’t your US hand-made collectible but if you are looking for something that wont break in half this is your guy. It looks like this ships from China (which explains the price) so shipping times will probably be a little longer.


On our next stop, let’s … spin (had to sorry)… on over to Etsy. That’s where the magic happens.


This next shop is called ShadywoodSigns on Esty. Their site Steampunkspinners.com has a ton of other great models and colors as well. They do some fantastic work and have several options when it comes to bearings. All the prices we factored were with the base model of bearings installed. If you want to get wild and put some really high-end bearing in there it may push you over the $50 limit. Here were some of our favorites for under $50:

The Steampunk EDC Spinner Aluminum Frame & Hybrid Ceramic Center Bearing

Cost -$44.00



From the listing:

Fully redesigned steampunk fidget spinner milled from industrial 6061 aluminum and perfectly balanced. Center bearing is HYBRID CERAMIC (brand name like Sector 9/Bones SUPER REDS CERAMIC/ or Swiss Ceramic) and spins like crazy. Don’t carry plastic – go METAL! bearings are press fit with a touch of epoxy but can be removed if necessary (but why?).

I make these to order using only the highest end ceramic skate bearings available (for the center bearing). Efficient use of materials makes these light enough to conceal & carry but substantial enough to let those 3d printed plastic imitators know you mean business.


Steampunk IDLER EDC Spinner with Aluminum Frame

Cost – $40 for base model – Bearing upgrades available.

From the listing:

Fully redesigned for smaller hands, this steampunk fidget spinner is milled from industrial aluminum and perfectly balanced. Designed like a tiny idler sprocket, the teeth give a great feel and the size makes for easy, one-handed spinning. Comes with and Official Sector 9 ADP bearing or upgrade to Ceramic! Don’t carry plastic – go METAL! bearings are press fit with a touch of epoxy but can be removed if necessary (but why?).

I make these to order. Efficient use of materials makes these light enough to conceal & carry but substantial enough to let those 3d printed plastic imitators know you mean business.

It makes a perfect companion to it’s big brother, the SCHPROKET..


The Steampunk MINI STOUT EDC Spinner

Cost – $29.00

From the listing:



1.75″ in diameter, .125″ thick – this spinner is milled from solid brass and features and UNBELIEVABLE custom bearing that spins like 100% ceramic. It is in fact, hyrbid ceramic and contains Grade 5 ceramic Si3N4 balls that allow the bearing to spin 50% faster than a traditional steel bearing. They come Lube Dry and have been cleaned and are free of all grease and oils. So this thing ROCKS out of the BOX (or in this case, envelope).

These bearings RETAIL for $20 EACH. Crazy right? But totally worth it. This mini-spinner will be your best performing fidget spinner (unless you splurged for 100% ceramics). Nothing this light spins this well.

It’s like a couple of STOUTS had a baby.


From the listing:

NEW! Introducing the Steampunk SHARNADO EDC Spinner!

Designed and tested on 12/7/16 for one handed flick-the-fin spins, the Sharknado Steampunk fidget spinner is milled from industrial aluminum and is perfectly balanced. It features four shark fins that come to a dull point (this shark don’t bite). Comes with and Official Sector 9 Blackball Ceramic (or you can choose the lesser but still awesome Sector 9 ADP). Don’t carry plastic – go METAL! bearings are press fit with a touch of epoxy but can be removed if necessary (but why?).

Nice and light, small form and easy to conceal & carry in your Speedo but substantial enough to provide pleasing spin times.

Get two and you’ll have a breeding pair. Shark happens, so it’s good to have a spare. Science fact: Sharknado Spinners never stop spinning – even when they are sleeping… the must spin to survive. While most humans view them as cold-hearted, ruthless predators, they are actually quite loyal and loving and make great pets.


TheComma EDC Spinner

Cost – $49.00

Top Metal Fidget Spinners Under $50

Amazing spin times – check out the video

It’s The Comma Fidget Spinner in Polished BRASS!

Why a ‘Comma’ EDC spinner? Because it looks like four commas orbiting your greazy (comma) or (comma) less likely (comma) well-manicured fingers. Let’s pause a moment (comma) and consider that. Now consider the subtle (comma) yet very important (comma) difference in these two sentences (colon)

“Let’s eat Grandpa!” or “Let’s eat, Grandpa!”

Don’t eat grandpa. Use your new Comma fidget spinner (comma) dammit.

The solid brass Comma comes standard with a name brand hybrid ceramic bearing (we are an actual licensed dealer for several leading brands) and is a perfect (comma) pocket-sized fidget spinner. Small enough to conceal during writing or accounting class or when your copy editor prattles on endlessly whilst deadlines draw nigh AND ‘it also a good EDC spinny thing for simple folk.’ Don’t be a ‘PUNCT’ (comma) GET a COMMA.GET ONE.



The next shop is Concepts2creations4U.


The SONIC WAVE Aluminum Spinner Fidget Toy


Top Metal Fidget Spinners for Under $50

This is our New SONIC WAVE spinner. Inspired by the symbol for Radio Tower. Its measuring in at 2.5 DIA. perfect for smaller hands . Don’t let the size fool you it spins and feels great.

This version is all aluminum and is designed to get a spinner in your hands at a great price. Its Just as much fun as the heavier copper , brass and stainless steel.

Comes with your choice of Magnetic button material. The Spinner will ship with the Circle buttons unless specified for spiral.

Comes with your choice of VBX hybrid Silicon Nitride Ceramic (Si3N4) or VBX Full ceramic Bearings.




The next shop is SynerEDC.

Tumbled AluminumFidget Spinner

Best Metal Fidget Spinners Under $50

These high-quality spinners are machined and assembled in the United States, each one is hand assembled and checked through our quality control department to ensure that every spinner is performing to its best ability.

-Body is machined from Aluminum 6061-T6, then put in a tumbler to smooth out the edges and create a dull grey color

-Bearing caps/buttons available in raw/tumbled/anodized aluminum, or brass, please choose at checkout

-Yellow Jacket high precision bearings that are cleaned for an average spin time of 30 seconds to 1 1/2 minutes

-All bearing are glued in to ensure that they are not being compressed which would impact their performance



Well, that’s it for this list! Disagree with us about anything or find something we should include in our next list? Give us a shout in the comments below or get in touch with us on Instagram! We look forward to hearing from you.

Keep in mind that all pricing in this article is as of 1/5/17 and is subject to change without notice. We have no control over these shop’s prices but will do our best to remove any item that no longer fit our criteria.