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The Truckie Review - Recycled Firefighter

The Truckie Pocket Pouch

I finally pulled the trigger on something I’ve been eyeballing for a little while now: The Truckie EDC Gear Pouch . From the makers of the recycled fire hose Sergeant Wallet and the 12Hr Battalion Bag , The Truckie from Recycled Firefighter is a  small gear pouch designed to fit in your pocket. What’s so special about a little pocket gear pouch you might ask? The devil is in the details. Recycled Firefighter didn’t skimp out on any of them.

Truckie Recycled Firefighter

Like your pockets have pockets.

The Truckie is a simple little bag. At about 5 and a half inches across and 4 inches tall it is just small enough to fit in the front pocket of your jeans comfortably. Which is good because that’s what it is made for. While you can use this bag to organize things inside your EDC bag or your glove compartment, the Truckie really shines as a pocket organizer. It fits so well and so comfortably inside my pocket that it feels custom made. I am one of those people who has a wallet but still winds up with my cash in at least 3 different pockets. The Truckie solves that issue. You can keep your cash, USB drive, pen, wallet, change, and other small items all inside one handy pouch. Basically this is an EDC bag for your pocket. It just makes the morning self-pat-down before you walk out the door that much easier.

Truckie Recycled Firefighter

Sweating the small stuff

The Truckie is made from durable 1000D Condura and ridiculously overbuilt YKK zippers. This is the same material and zippers that the GoRuck GR1 is made from. It is extremely heavyweight and for all intents and purposes is indestructible. Double stitched with #90 nylon thread and covered in mil-spec binding, the construction of this pouch is something that should be looked at as a benchmark in the field. They do a kick-ass job. The attention to detail on the Truckie is absolutely impressive. For once, I am not afraid of breaking something I own.

Truckie texture

What I love about this little bag is it’s versatility. Complete with a mil-spec nylon loop on the side, the Truckie can be fitted with a carabiner and hooked neatly inside an EDC bag for easy access. A simple touch that might go unnoticed to some, but the inclusion of this feature shows Recycled Firefighter’s attention to the real-life applications of their products. This bag hits every mark.

Truckie Recycled Firefighter

Can we just talk about the customer experience?

I have a comment to make about the experience of being a customer and buying gear from Recycled Firefighter. The online checkout process was clean, simple and well executed. The tracking was spot on and the follow-up emails with some story behind the product was an awesome touch. By the time I received the product I already felt a connection with it. That’s rare. But the shipping time. I don’t know how they did it but it got here insanely fast. It was shipped out that day and was in my hands a full two days early. I don’t know if the USPS was having a great week or if they drone delivered it to my house. All I know is that ever aspect of buying this simple pouch was an example of under-promising and over-delivering. Most online retailers could learn a thing or two from these guys.

Made in the good old US of A

Remember the good old days when things were made in America? Recycled Firefighter does. They make everything right here in America. They do it with pride too. This is a huge point that should be made about these products. Something as simple as this little bag could easily be outsourced to China and made for far less money, with the same materials, and a slight drop off in quality. This is one of those small little products that they could slap their tag on and probably get away with making overseas. But they don’t. At the cost of a couple bucks in their own product they make it here. There is something to be said about that kind of attitude and dedication to an ideal. Recycled Firefighter seems to be a brand built on a solid ideological foundation of making quality buy-it-for-life gear, right here in the US. That is something we should all get behind. Because if you don’t support companies like this, they simply wont exist anymore.

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