The Leather Ruler Watch Band From Nick Mankey Designs

This BIFL leather NATO ruler watch band has both a great look and a real life functionality. It is so simple, it's beautiful.

Leather Ruler NATO Watch Strap

Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt.

While wasting time on Reddit I stumbled upon this awesome leather ruler NATO watch strap from Nick Mankey Designs. This leather watch band is laser cut and has inches and centimeter marks running on the sides. This is such a clever idea that has both a great look and a real life functionality. It is so simple, it’s beautiful. Made from super comfortable vegetable tanned leather from Hermann Oak, and with a solid threaded brass stud, this buy it for life ruler watch band is meant to last.

Leather Ruler NATO Watch Strap From Nick Mankey Designs

The threaded brass stud can be removed to adjust the watch band for the perfect fit. I have always enjoyed a NATO style band as they seem to be the most comfortable and secure style of watch band. This ruler watch band is no different.

Leather Ruler NATO Strap

The markings on this ruler watch band make it handy for simple measuring tasks such as when you run to Home Depot and are trying to match something from home.

Laser-cut to perfection, this strap is the first of its kind to feature a fully functional inch / centimeter ruler that spans 9-5/8″ or 25cm (250mm) in respective length.


Dyed in the California sun for a week to achieve an extremely unique golden tan color, and coated with beeswax-based leather conditioner for supple protection from the elements.

It’s such an elegant design. It would go perfect on a Timex Weekender or any other classic style watch.  I love it. 

Won’t it stretch? (No)

There is one concern that I had with this watch that was brought up over and over on Reddit. People were bringing up the fact that leather stretches which will ruin the accuracy of the markings on this watch. So let’s address that.

First of all, we aren’t going to be using the measurements on this watch to calculate a rover landing on Mars. The main advantage to using this watch will be when you need rough estimations. Even with the negligible amounts of stretching that one can expect from leather, this ruler will work perfectly for most of the situations in which you would find yourself having to use a ruler on your watch band.

The second point that I would like to make about this watch band is that watch bands aren’t insanely tight on your wrist. Most leather stretching is caused by putting pressure on the leather to stretch. Think of the tension on a leather belt. The way that watches are normally worn, the watch band will never be tight enough on your wrist to significantly stretch the band.

All in all, I think that any mentions about leather stretching are merely speculative and I don’t think it will have and meaningful impact on the watches ability to measure effectively. If you take care of this watch band, you don’t have to worry about it stretching at all.

Get One!

As of the time of writing this article, you can get your leather ruler NATO watch strap from Nick Mankey Designs for $39. He has ton of other really cool handmade EDC gear that you should check out.

Take a look at the other gear in his shop HERE. If you like handmade leather gear, you will love his work!