Turn your Keybar into a Multitool – Stowaway Tools From Klecker


How can I add tools to my keybar?

We’ve read that question a couple times. The answer is simple: Stowaway Tools by Klecker.

Holy moly am I excited to show you guys this.

Stowaway Tools from Klecker are basically what would happen if someone took a list of all the most popular multitool components, made them, and then allowed you to put them together in any way that fits your carry. As of writing this, Klecker has 15 different tools available to purchase.

EDC101 - Stowaway Tools by Klecker

Each of these tools features a attachment point on the back that allows it to be hooked into a keychain, carabiner, or keybar. But they have taken it one step further. They have designed a phone case that holds up to four tools comfortably. You can even customize the cap color of the tools for use with your phone case.

The Stowaway Tools Phone Case
EDC101 - Stowaway Tools By Klecker

As of right now the stowaway tools phone case is only available for iphones but more styles may be available soon. The main thing that got us excited about this was it’s usability with a keybar. It allows you to keep some tools right there with your keys without adding any unnecessary bulk to your carry. It is such a great idea that I’m surprised nobody has thought of this before. The wide range of tools means there is something for everyone. With prices ranging from $8 to $12 per tool, they aren’t priced out of reach for the average consumer.

EDC101 - Stowaway tools keybar

We love stuff like this. EDC tools that are made to be used in multiple applications. We think that this project that started on Kickstarter is going to really change the game in 2017. Get yours here at StowawayTools.com.