The Gerber Shard: The prybar so useful it was counterfeited

Gerber Shard

The Gerber Shard

The other day, my friend who maintains rental properties asked me to come along with him to help find the source of plumbing leak in a flooded basement. We went with a submersible pump, some hose, and a brand new shop vac. Being that it was a quick trip, I left my bag with tools in my truck and rode with him. When we arrived, we were unpacking the shop vac when found out that we needed to put the wheels on it. The only problem was that we needed a Phillips head screwdriver and neither one of us had our tools. Then I remembered a little pry bar that I had recently started carrying: The Gerber Shard.
The Gerber Shard is an interesting little tool. It is basically a small, single piece multi-tool. The Shard sports a pry bar, nail remover/wire stripper, bottle opener, a flat head screwdriver and a Phillips head. It has gotten more use at this point than any multi-tool I have carried of it’s size. I used to carry a Leatherman 6 until I received the Gerber shard as a gift. The added benefit of having the Phillips head and nail remover outweighed my use of the wrench portion of the Leatherman 6. This being said, I still usually have both on me because of their small form factor.

My initial reaction to seeing the shard was that there was no way that the screwdriver portion of it would hold up. Boy was I wrong. This thing is useful as hell. The steel is strong and I haven’t been able to strip the Phillips head yet. It is a real, functioning screwdriver as opposed to some other multi-tools that feel more Mcguivered than intentional. If you like the Shard but think it would be more useful with a blade attached, then check out the Shard’s older brother: The Artifact.

The knock off

One interesting thing about the Gerber Shard that I have noticed is that there have been a bunch of Chinese knockoffs of it popping up around the internet. I actually found the counterfeit Gerber Shard through a couple of comments on another everyday carry website. What isn’t cool is that someone looking to save a couple of buck (literally you would only save about $2) might wind up with a cheap knockoff that is pretty much useless due to it’s construction.

Real vs. Fake Gerber Shard
Seeing that the original Gerber Shard is so cheap to begin with, there isn’t really much savings to be had by getting a counterfeit. While I am all about good deals, the quality of these knockoffs leaves a bit to be desired and again, the original is already insanely inexpensive. Don’t wind up with something that doesn’t work. I’m not going to post links to some of the fakes because I don’t want to give them any traffic. Make sure you get a real one from a reputable place.
Here is what to look for to make sure you don’t get a counterfeit Gerber Shard:

Fake Gerber Shard

This thing is awesome.

Seriously. It’s so simple and I think that is what gives it it’s utility.

With an overall length of 2.75″ it is about the size of your standard house key. Being that it can be carried on your key chain, this is one of those little tools that you can carry even when you have nothing else on you but your keys. It’s made out of stainless steel so it will hold up under pressure. This is one of those tools that should be carried by everyone. A+, Thumbs up, Go get one.

It’s one of my staples and I recommend it to everyone I see.

Have a Gerber Shard in your daily rotation? What do you think of it? Leave a comment below!

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