How-to: DIY Phone Case Survival Kit

What is the one item that you never forget at your house? Your phone. Here's how to make your own EDC phone case survival kit so you'll always have it on you.


What is the one item that you never forget at your house? Your phone. Here’s how to make your own phone case survival kit so you’ll always have it on you.

I guarantee that your phone is the very last thing you’ll will forget as you hurriedly run out of your house in the morning. In today’s day and age, for better or for worse, our phones have become permanently attached to our hands. We never don’t have it. I can’t remember the last time that I forgot my phone anywhere. So that got me thinking. If that is the one piece of gear I am almost always guaranteed to have on me, is there any way I could use that phone or it’s case as an emergency mini EDC kit? Turns out you can, and it’s surprisingly simple and cheap to do.

Now I’m not the first person to think of this idea. I’ve seen some phone cases with incorporated survival kits, phone cases with storage, and even some that have a full fledged incorporated tool kit. But the problem that I had with all of these cases is that they are bulky and didn’t offer much in terms of flexibility. So I decided to mod my existing phone case into a phone case survival kit. It went surprisingly well. And it’s super simple.

The Phone Case

So for this to work you are going to need a certain kind of phone case. My case is by a company called Incipio. The specific type of case by them that we need is called the Dualpro.


It basically consists of a hard-shell outer body and softer, rubber internal cover. The logic behind it is that the hard, outer shell provides the rigid protection of the case while the soft inner shell disperses energy from drops and bangs. It works really well.

I’ve beat my phone to hell and generally treat it poorly. This case has done an excellent job protecting it and I would recommend it even if you aren’t going to try and mod it. But the dual case design gives us a unique ability to essentially hollow out the inner portion while still allowing the case to continue functionally protecting the phone.

This is basically what we will be doing is hollowing out a portion in the softer portion of the case to hold… well whatever you want to carry. In this guide I will be just hollowing out and all purpose space to hold some spare cash, some keys, or a mini emergency kit. The choice is up to you what to put in there, but the thing about it is you can cut it out and customize it however you want.

Here’s What You Need to Make Your Phone Case Survival Kit:

EDC Phone Case Kit


  • The Soft Case Portion of the Incipio Dualpro Phone Case.
  • A pen (We used the broken pen because we used half of it in our last project).
  • An Exacto knife or box cutter.
  • A template to cut out or an object to trace that you will want to store in the phone case.


1Separate the Cover

We are going to need to separate the two parts of the cover and put the hard-shell portion aside. We are only going to need the soft rubber portion for now.

2Figure Out What You Want To Store

My main goal behind this was to hide some money for myself in case I needed for gas or an emergency. I’m the kind of person that needs to do future me favors. Don’t judge me. So I decided to make the storage space in this case the size of a folded dollar bill. This gives me some flexibility as this will also leave some room for some band aids and other flat objects. You don’t need to limit yourself to that though. The back is thick enough where you could store house keys or small SD cards or even a spare sim card if you felt so inclined. You could even cut out small individual spots for each item. But I kept mine simple with the rectangle. Feel free to get as fancy as you want to create your own phone case survival kit.

3Trace Your Object

The next step is to just trace the object/shape you want to cut out of the phone case. See where this is going? This is going to be the basis of the phone case survival kit. Whatever shape you cut into the case will determine what you can store there.

4Cut It Out

Now that you have the shape traced you just have to cut it out. I suggest using a sharp blade because that will make your life easier. This rubber is pretty tough.

5Pop It Back Into The Case

Now you’re done! See? Super simple. If you can cut straight your’s will look nice! If you’re like me and have a hard time with straight lines, that’s ok too! It will still work. It will just be ugly.

6Put Something in There!

Now you just have to go ahead and place your items in there. I found that I could fit two keys in there comfortably. This could be handy to put a spare key in in case you get locked out of your office or house. Instead of using the phone to call a locksmith, you can just use it to hold your keys!

You could use it to hold a small emergency fund in case you run out of gas or forget your wallet at home. It’s your phone case survival kit. Put whaetver you want in there.

The possibilities are pretty endless with what you could do. I’m interested in seeing if any of you guys have modded your phone cases.

Have you done something similar with your case? What did you put in there? Know of any other phone case styles that this would work for? Let us know in the comments below! Thanks for reading!

  • JD Grayman

    I have a case made by Spigen. I’ve always keep money between my case and phone, way WAY back, back when I had a Motorolla dinosaur during the mid to late 90’s. Haha. Cutting the back out, I placed a small, folded piece of one of those cloths used to clean your glasses. Works for phone screens as well. I’m definitely going to add a couple spare keys.