JD Grayman Reviews: Maxpedition Mini STUFFED Tool Kit For EDC

We are happy to announce our partnership with JD Grayman on Youtube! We will be featuring his awesome gear reviews and how-to videos here on EDC101. We think you guys will really enjoy them!


In this video, JD Grayman from Grayman Urban Survival Topics Online breaks down the contents of his Maxpedition Micropocket Organizer and shows us his grab and go EDC kit. He has a lot of really interesting and downright useful inclusions and mods he’s incorporated into his everyday carry tool kit. The cool  thing about this kit is that you can grab it and go. You can keep it in your EDC bag or keep it in your vehicle for when you need it. It is small enough to not be a nuisance to carry which means you are more likely to have it when you need it.    You can easily incorporate a ton of these ideas into your own kit, I already have stolen a couple of these ideas for inclusion in my own EDC bag.

From the video:

Just a little project I threw together, using a Maxpedition Mini. I have this thing absolutely stuffed full of handly little dodads, trinkets, whosits, whatsits, flotsam and jetsom.


A couple of the highlights are:

  • A really simple solution for a light diffuser that most of you already have in your  pocket. Should work for most smaller flashlights.
  • A great way to carry small rolls of tape without taking up much space. Works for multiple sizes and types of tape.
  • A mini pry bar that looks like it can put in work.
  • A ton of thoughtful inclusions to an EDC kit that for almost any situation.

The contents of the kit:


Check out The Grayman Urban Survival Topics Online Youtube channel HERE. He has a ton of great videos that cover EDC gear reviews, gear mods, and grayman tactics. 

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You can order a custom paracord knot tying jig from JD Grayman HERE.

JD Grayman’s knot tying jig is a great setup to practice knots of any type.