JD Grayman: EDC Pocket Hygiene Kit

In this video, JD Grayman from Grayman Urban Survival Topics Online goes over his EDC mini pocket hygiene kit.


From the video:

I made a little EDC pocket kit full of items that I might need at random opportunities. Items you might wish you had, but usually never carry. This little kit is for you! Super small, and packed with “I need this right now!” sort of items.

In this video, JD Grayman from Grayman Urban Survival Topics Online goes over the contents of his EDC pocket hygiene kit. It’s an inexpensive kit to put together that once you need it, becomes quite priceless. Using an inexpensive Griffin headphone case, he has put together an essential kit for anyone on the move that is small enough to keep with you. This is one of those great EDC ideas that can be carried in a pocket, purse, or EDC bag. There are some great additions in here that I am going to be adding to my own EDC bag!


Grayman Urban Survival Topics Online:


Grayman Urban Survival Topics Online

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