Super Simple Spyderco Auto-Open Hack


Using just a zip tie you can make your Spyderco (almost any model) auto-open right out of your pocket. This hack is so simple you are going to question the validity of it.  So let’s just get the proof out there before we even start.

As you can see, the main principal behind this is that when drawing the knife, the zip tie will catch your pocket and open on it’s own. I was taking it slow to illustrate how it works but if you do this at a normal speed the knife will open fast enough to engage the liner lock. It’s super easy to do.


Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Spyderco Knife
  • 1 Zip Tie
  • 1 Pair of Scissors (Or something to cut the zip tie)
  • Sandpaper (To smooth out the zip tie)
  • Star bit screwdriver small enough to remove pocket clip

That’s it.

1Step 1: Let’s move the clip

The first step is going to be removing the clip from where you had it and moving to to tip side. For this to work we need to carry the knife tip-side up. We also need to make sure to set it up so that it will open the right way. The way I am setting it mine up is for carrying in your right side pocket. If you carry it lefty, just flip your knife over and put your clip on the opposite tip side.

2Step 2: Put a zip tie in.

I told you this was easy. Notice how the clip has been moved to the tip side. Then all you need to do is feed in a zip tie through the back and tighten it down really tight (We don’t want it moving).  Snip off the excess. I recommend feeding the zip tie though the back so that the overhang side of the zip tie protrudes in the direction that will be up against the front of your pocket. In other words, make it look like this and it will work better:

3Step 3: Sand or file down any sharp points.

All you need to do now is sand down any sharp parts of the zip tie that could poke you. Now we just need to practice drawing it. When you take it out of your pocket, grab it and try to drag the top of the blade along the back corner of your pocket. It should catch on your pants and flip right open for you!

Did you give this a shot? How did it work? Give us a shout in the comments below or find us of social media!