Try These 5 Clever Everyday Carry Lighter Mods!

There are ways to improve upon a standard Bic. We found these 5 mods that you can do at home to add a little more utility to your everyday carry kit.

Everyday Carry Lighter Mods

Looking for Some Everyday Carry Lighter Mods?

Fire is super important. Whether you are stranded in the woods and need a fire to keep from freezing to death, or you are at a birthday party and need to light some candles, a lighter is a handy thing to have on you. You can always go ahead and get yourself a sweet titanium EDC peanut lighter but there are a lot of us who choose to just carry a standard Bic lighter. That’s not to put it down. It’s one of the most dependable, affordable, and accessible lighters around. There’s a reason it is the standard in the industry.

That being said, there are ways to improve upon a standard Bic. We found these 5 mods that you can do at home to add a little more utility to your everyday carry kit.

1Waterproof Your Lighter Using Ranger Bands

One of the main drawbacks and arguments against carrying a Bic is that once it gets wet, it is useless. This everyday carry lighter mod from Envirosponsible uses ranger bands to create a water-tight seal around the top of the lighter. This simple fold over design guarantees that no water is going to get into your Bic. He does and excellent job of illustrating not only how to make the mod, but how effective it is at keeping it dry. If you are going to be carrying one of these in your bag and it isn’t exactly waterproof, this mod makes sure it will work when you need it.  Another cool thing about this mod is that it isn’t permanent and when one lighter is used up, you can just move the bands over to a new lighter and turn the old one into our next mod…

2Mod an Empty Bic Lighter into a Mini Survival Fire Kit (This one is such a cool idea)

This is one of those EDC ideas that makes you wonder why it isn’t more prevalent. A big issue in any sort of EDC or survival kit is space. In this everyday carry lighter mod from MeZillch shows how to turn an old, empty Bic into a self-contained fire kit. It is incredibly simple to make and is a practical use for something that would otherwise be thrown away. Not only does this mod create sparks, it holds tinder as well. Being designed to fit in a small Altoids survival tin, this firestarter takes up next to no room in your EDC pack. Awesome idea.

3Make a Bic Mini Keychain With Button Lock

Some of you guys have an EDC keychain kit. It contains all of the essentials on one keychain loop. In this everyday carry lighter mod, EDC Jesse shows how to put a mini Bic on your keychain and also how to make a lock so that the fuel doesn’t leak out of the lighter and empty itself out. It’s an incredibly simple little EDC trick that you can implement with next to no cost and make your carry that much more efficient.

4Make a Simple Paracord Bic Lighter Wrap

The EDC community loves paracord. The thing about paracord is that once you buy some, most of the things you own get wrapped in it in some fashion. It’s a handy way to carry paracord on you and let’s be honest, it just looks badass. This everyday carry lighter mod from EveryDay Knife Guy shows how to make a paracord wrap for your lighter that includes a lanyard attachment point. This is a handy way to keep a lighter in your pack without having to dig for it. It also can be done on a lighter you keep in your pocket to make it easier to fish out.

5Turn Your Bic into a Mini Survival Kit

This everyday carry lighter mod incorporates duct tape, an Exacto blade, a sewing needle, and string. 4/10 of Dave Canterbury’s “C’s of survivability” all on your lighter. The way that EastWoodlandSurvival implements all of these ideas into this lighter mod is what makes this idea so useful. It is simple enough for everyone to do but effective enough to actually come in handy. Wrapping duct tape around a lighter is a great idea in and of itself. We recently posted another clever way to carry a small roll of tape in your bag. You can never have too much tape. But why not keep more than just tape on the lighter at no real added weight or size? It’s a great idea. Give it a watch!


Well, that about wraps up our list of everyday carry lighter mods. Hopefully, you guys have learned something from this roundup and got some ideas that you will implement yourself. Have a lighter mod that you tried yourself? Shoot us a picture of your mod in the comments below! As always, thanks for reading and make sure to follow us on our social media pages!