Making a Cross-Compatible EDC Power Setup

JD Grayman's electronic EDC/survival setup creates a kind of web of compatibility that allows him to charge almost any device from another device.


I have something that could be a game changer when it comes to setting up your EDC bag. JD Grayman recently released a video that outlines his electronic  EDC/survival setup. The cool thing about what he has done is to create a kind of web of compatibility that allows him to charge almost any device from another device. His setup is pretty comprehensive and worth a look.

JD Grayman’s EDC Power Setup

In the simplest of terms, it consists of a solar charger that is used to charge a battery pack or can be connected to a battery charger. The battery pack can then be used to charge your phone or any other device via micro USB. The batteries can be used in his light which can also be used as a charging device for batteries. The batteries can also be put inside the charger and via an output on the charger, it can be used to charge other devices. Everything in his system uses a micro-USB connection. The ability to take power from one device and swap it over to another makes this system incredibly redundant. It gives you the ability to take power from where it isn’t being used and apply it to any need that arises. The cool thing about this is that your overall usable electrical storage increases the more compatible devices are in this way.

A thought experiment

This idea of compatibility is something you can plan into your own kit. It doesn’t require any actual increase in the amount of money you need to spend either. It is something as simple as planning.

Some things to consider when you are going to buy your next electrical device:

  • Is there a way in which this device can power or be powered from something I already have?
  • Is there an equal alternative to this product that can achieve one or both of those goals?

If so, go with the second option. JD Grayman was able to build a web of compatibility among his devices by carefully choosing each product as he purchased them for his kit. Each compatible device you add just adds to the redundancy of your edc power setup.

It can help to draw out a map like JD Grayman did in his video to illustrate what can work with what in your kit. Doing this can show you what objects you may have a harder time charging.

My EDC Power Setup Map
Here is a quick mapping of my own EDC setup in my bag. As you can see there are a lot of dots that aren’t connected. These holes can be filled with some small adjustments to the wires I carry or adapters (USB to micro USB) that I can implement.

In my own setup above from my EDC bag, there is one glaring issue that I see. If I had a battery charger with an output port, I could charge any of my devices off of any of the batteries in my pack. As I am looking for a new charger for the 18650’s as well as the RCR123’s, I can simply get one such as this one that has a USB output in it. That will now free up all of my rechargeable batteries in my bag to be used to charge my cell phone or any other device that uses USB or Micro USB. It’s such a simple concept but it was something I hadn’t considered until I saw this video.

Solar is so hot right now

I would also like to touch on the use of solar panels. While a web-like edc power setup adds redundancy and cross compatibility, it doesn’t address the main issue of obtaining the power in the first place. With solar panels becoming increasingly inexpensive, solar is becoming more and more viable. Most people feel comfortable with just having a plug so that they can charge their batteries up before the day. This works. But if you want a system that can provide power anywhere to anything, you should consider a solar panel. A panel like the ones made by Anker can give you a plug free source of electricity that can charge anything via USB.

EDC Anker Solar Panel
EDC Anker Solar Panel

By using this in conjunction with a web of compatibility, you can guarantee that you will have a functional edc power setup available wherever you need it.

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