Did we find the best EDC Carabiner?

The Perfect EDC Carabiner
Guys, I may have found it… the BEST EDC carabiner.
The Ange S from Petzl

I’ve been having a problem with my keys. I have a bunch. My work has a thousand doors with a thousand locks. After trying several different setups I finally settled on using a carabiner hooked to my belt loop to hold my keys. The upside to this setup is I don’t have to worry about losing my keys and I don’t have to dig in my pocket to find them. But the downside I have been having is that every time I remove the keys from my belt loop, the teeth on the carabiner would snag on my belt loop. This was irritating as it would inevitably require two hands to take my keys off. Not only that, I now have two pairs of pants that have had the belt loop torn off because of this damn carabiner right here:

RIP Pants – We barely knew ye.

Look at those teeth. Then I found the ANGE S and ANGE L (The big brother of the S) from Petzl. If you are one of those people who like to climb up and hang off the side of mountains you may have already heard of Petzl. Petzl was looking to make a carabiner that wouldn’t snag on ropes when people’s lives depended on it. They also made it weight significantly less than your standard heavy duty carabiner. All of this combined makes it the best edc carabiner in our opinion.

By removing the teeth and having the gate go directly inside the straightened nose, everything is smooth as butter taking it on and off. It’s super lightweight it doesn’t weight you down. And it was constructed for climbing, so it wont fail after repeated use. This thing checks all the boxes and with all the money you’ll save on pants, this one has more value for your dollar. Check them out below…

93 %
98 %
Build Quality
98 %
96 %
Ease of Use
100 %
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