How-to: Compact EDC Tape Holder

We found a way to EDC a small, compact roll of tape in your bag or tool kit so that it takes up next to no room!

EDC Electrical Tape

Tape is handy… But it’s bulky. It is a super helpful thing to have on hand for when you need it and that’s why a lot of people EDC tape in their kit. Inspired by JD Grayman’s video on his Maxpedition Mini EDC Toolkit, we decided to make our own EDC tape holder to show you how easily it can be done!

The finished product!

Here’s What You Need:

EDC Tape Dispenser

  • Electrical tape (You can use this technique with any kind of tape. Works well with duct tape as well!)
  • A plastic pen you don’t mind re-purposing.
  • Paracord (You can get some super cheap HERE)
  • A small carabiner if you would like to attach it that way.

1Take Apart The Pen

Most of these bic style pens will just pull apart easily by grabbing the writing portion and just twisting and pulling. The only part we are going to need is the tube body portion of the pen.


2Measure The Width Of Your Tape

You can do this a hundred different ways. The simplest way we used was to just hold the pen body up against the tape. We need to measure the width of the tape so we can cut the pen body to the same width as the tape.

3Cut The Pen Body

We want to cut the pen body to the same width as the tape. Use some sharp scissors and it should cut pretty easily.

4Check The Size

Before we go any further, we need to just check to make sure that the tape will fit on the new plastic piece we just cut.

5Cut About 7 or 8 Inches of Paracord

We are going to need about 7 or 8 inches of paracord. This would be a good length for a compact roll of electrical tape. If you are going to be putting duct tape or something with a larger width on here, you will need a couple inches longer. You can even take this idea and put multiple rolls of tape on here. For that you will need about double the length of paracord depending on the width of the tape you will be using.

6Put the Paracord Through the Plastic Piece

Next, fold the paracord in half and feed the paracord through the plastic piece.

7Tie Off the Paracord to Hold the Plastic Piece in Place

This will hold the plastic piece on the paracord effectively creating a roller for the tape. The loop on the top is where we will attach it to our bag with a small carabiner.

8Use a Lighter to Melt the Ends of Cut Paracord

With a lighter, carefully melt the ends of the paracord. They will kind of ball up and smooth out. This way it looks sexy.

9Now Just Wrap the Tape on the Roller

Now, carefully wrap the tape on the roller. This is the most time consuming part of this project. You can probably get 1/4 of a roll of electrical tape on a compact roll this size. You just need to be careful and take your time so that the edges are nice and even.

10Put a Carabiner on it and You Are Done!

You’ve got yourself a super compact, super portable roll of EDC tape that can be clipped inside your EDC bag or tool kit for when you need it!

Have another way to carry tape that you use? Tried this and found a way to improve on it? Let us know in the comments below! Be sure to share this how-to with anyone you know that would find it useful!