Superesse Straps -

Pocket Dump – Superesse Straps

Pocket dump from our friends over at Superesse Straps. Glock 19 and EDC featuring @superessestraps Escape and Evade Pathfinder. The paracord bracelet worn here...
TSA Friendly Pocket Dump

My TSA Friendly Pocket Dump

We took a trip for business to Las Vegas. Had to leave the knife at home. Pictured is my watch, wallet, hank, ecig, Gerber...

Pocket Dump – P Chiefs

Custom edc pchiefs hank and tightanium bullet bead from our buddy P Chiefs (@P_chiefs on Instagram). Check him out at for some great handmade edc...

Pocket Dump – Kavurur

Great pocket dump from our friend Kavurur in Turkey!

Pocket Dump – Matt P.

Pocket Dump from Matt P. with a sweet ocarina.

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