Zebra F-701

Our Best Everyday Carry Setup for under $100

We came up with a little challenge for ourselves. After looking around and seeing all of the super expensive gear everywhere, we started thinking...
Gerber Shard

The Gerber Shard: The prybar so useful it was counterfeited

The Gerber Shard The other day, my friend who maintains rental properties asked me to come along with him to help find the source of...

Turn your Keybar into a Multitool – Stowaway Tools From Klecker

How can I add tools to my keybar? We've read that question a couple times. The answer is simple: Stowaway Tools by Klecker. Holy moly am...

From Indigogo – The Talon Multitool

The Talon multitool is an extremely lightweight and versatile edition to your EDC. This multitool has some really well thought out design elements. Not to...

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