EDC101 - Carry On Only

Flying with a carry on only – How to never check...

Checking bags is a waste of time and money. This is why from now on you will be flying with a carry on only. Are...
The Truckie Review - Recycled Firefighter

The Truckie from Recycled Firefighter

The Truckie Pocket Pouch I finally pulled the trigger on something I've been eyeballing for a little while now: The Truckie EDC Gear Pouch . From...
Top rated tactical backpacks

EDC Collections – Top Rated Tactical Backpacks

Looking for a tactical everyday carry backpack? You came to the right place. We have put together this list of the top rated tactical backpacks...

JD Grayman Reviews: Maxpedition Mini STUFFED Tool Kit For EDC

In this video, JD Grayman from Grayman Urban Survival Topics Online breaks down the contents of his Maxpedition Micropocket Organizer and shows us his...
The Lash Tab - EDC101.com

That square patch on your backpack: The lash tab.

What is that square thing on my backpack? It's a lash tab. You have seen a lash tab before. It's that little square or diamond...

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