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The Big List of Everyday Carry Collections

Here at EDC101 we have been thinking about different ways to provide value to our readers. We have tried to give you honest feedback about what products we think are good quality and wont let you down.   Below you will find different lists we have put together that divide EDC gear into various collections. We will be updating these with more and more gear as we find items that we would recommend ourselves. Our everyday carry lists are each equipped with an Amazon price tracker. They will give you a price history of the gear over time so that you can see if it would be a good time to buy the gear. If you look at the chart and it appears to be at an all time high price, you can enter in your email and receive an update when the price drops. Are we are missing anything on our lists, or do you have an idea for a new one? Shoot us an email or get in touch! Check out our ever growing collection of price tracking lists below!

Tactical Backpacks

These tactical everyday carry backpacks are backpacks that are geared for customization and organization. Tactical style backpacks are equipped with MOLLE and various attachment points. This allows for complete personalization and versatility. Tactical backpacks are not only great for an everyday carry bag, they also  make great range bags or bugout bags. Check them out!
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Have an idea for a collection of EDC gear that others would enjoy? Get in touch and tell us about it!