Airport Security Everyday Carry – Our 6 Tips for Flying

EDC101 6 Tips for Flying

So you are taking a flight and are stressed about the TSA rules?

Don’t worry. We have some tips for flying to keep your airport experience super smooth.

We’ve all been there. Waiting nervously in the TSA line, hoping that you wont be the one who did something wrong that holds up the line for everyone else. Last time I was there my beard set off the machine thingy. The time before that my pocket had a phantom object in it that led to a rather vigorous pat down. Sometimes silly things will happen. So we put together some of the lessons we learned from experience. Here are some some simple tips for flying that can make sure everything goes as smooth as it can when you go through security.

1Empty out your pockets BEFORE you get to the airport.

This one is a simple one but I forgot it the first day I went to the airport. When you walk into the airport you should have the bare essentials in your pocket. Wallet (with ID), Keys, boarding pass, and phone. Everything else should be in your carry on bag. This should make for a quick trip through security. It also means that you wont be in a situation where you accidentally discover that you have a pocket knife and need to sneak out of the TSA line looking all dodgy.

2Slip on shoes.

You now have to take your shoes off when you go through security because some guy tried to blow his feet off on a plane one time. Thanks guy. But you can keep this inconvenience to a minimum by wearing shoes you can slip on and off easily. Don’t be me and wear literally the most annoying shoes to untie in your wardrobe. Lesson learned.

3Strip down your keyring.

Strip down your keyring to the bare essentials before you leave. Car and house key are really all most people need. Everything else can stay home. You don’t need to pretend to be a janitor while you are away. If you are freaking out about not being able to bring any of your usual EDC items with you, we have successfully brought THESE on a plane without issue. It’s always good to at least have some sort of multitool on you to give you hand.

4Toiletry bag on top of your carry on.

This is one for the TSA agents. They like to check to make sure you haven’t brought a criminal amount of shampoo. Make them happy by putting your official see through TSA toiletry bag on top of everything. They say you are supposed to take it out of your bag but I never did and it wasn’t an issue. It is right on top if they make a big deal about it. Your results may vary.

5Organize your cords.

You know who likes big bunches of tangled cords? Enemies of the United States that’s who. Keep your cords nice and organized so that the TSA doesn’t have to organize your iphone chargers and headphones for you. They don’t like having to do that. We recommend something like THIS or THIS to keep it all nice and tidy.

6Find an easy access place to keep your boarding pass and keep it there.

When you get to the airport and get your boarding pass, choose a pocket to keep your boarding pass and keep it there. That way, when you are going to get on the plane you aren’t slapping all your pockets and having a panic attack trying to find it. This is a good idea to do with anything you have in your pockets. Assign everything a pocket and make sure it all goes back to where it belongs. You are just flying. Don’t sweat the small stuff and have fun.

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