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Why should I care about my EDC?

You may have stumbled upon this site and wondered why everyone is so worried about the simple things they keep in their pockets every day. The flashlights, the knives, the pens and wallets. It can be very easy to overlook all of these things as unnecessary and thus neglect to put any real thought into carrying these items. The thing of it is, what you have in your pockets every day will determine the tools you have available to interact with the world around you.  

The thing is, you already do…

Most of you already have a small list of things you don’t leave the house without. Keys, Wallet, phone. Almost everyone in the world carries these things. This addresses three main issues you will probably run into throughout the day. You need your keys for access to various things such as your car and home. You need your phone to communicate and increasingly for internet access. You need your wallet to store your money and assorted cards. You are already part of the every day carry community. You just didn’t know it. But now that you are here, let’s take a look at what your typical day consists of, see what problems you routinely come up against, and see if a little preparation can remove those problems from your life.  

See what we mean?

Do you routinely find yourself ripping open packages with your teeth? Have you had to look for a pair of scissors to cut something recently? Did you get frustrated this past Christmas because because all of a sudden they decided to start using military-grade zip-ties to secure children’s toys in their boxes? Maybe you should start carrying a small pocket knife. We can narrow it down to the right one later but let the thought simmer for a bit. Do you ever have to walk through sketchy parking lots? Have you ever had to go through the 7 step process of turning on the flash of your phone so you could see something? Have you ever had to worry about your phone battery getting low because of how long you had the light on? A small keychain flashlight could solve your problem. Do you write things down ever? Are you always looking for a pen or asking someone if they have one? Incorporate one into your morning ritual. See the point I’m getting at? We all run into stupid little problems throughout the day. Some problems effect us more than others. But with just a little extra thought and little to no money you can solve them for good. EDC is a mindset of being prepared. You don’t have to stock your basement full of canned goods to be someone who is ready for anything. All it takes is a little forethought and attention to your routine. We curate the best and newest in EDC gear. Hang out and browse around a little. We hope we can give you some ideas to keep your life problem free by always having a solution right there in your pocket. – Dave Editor EDC101.com